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Personal Commission FAQ

Find answers to common questions regarding Commissions. If you can't find the answers you are looking for below, please get in touch with us.

Commercial commissions are typically intended to generate revenue through products or merchandise. Commercial commissions can include logos, t-shirt graphics, poster art, mascots, etc.

Personal commissions are not intended to generate revenue of any sort. These types of commissions are primarily intended for collectors, fans, gifts, tattoos, and social-networking profile pics. Additionally Personal commissions must abide by specific copyright laws.

Mark Wasyl retains all copyrights as well as reproduction rights to the final artwork of a Personal Commission.

Commissions typically take 3-4 weeks to complete but can take longer depending on Mark’s schedule and the complexity of the project.

Absolutely! Working with international is very common. In fact half of Mark’s projects are for clients outside the United States.

Payment Questions

Due to the nature of personal commissions, 100% of the payment is due before work begins. 

YES. You can pay using your credit card with PayPal or Stripe.

NO. Just look for the small link that asks if you would like to continue without a PayPal account.

Yes… but chances are that by the time your check is received and deposited the remaining slots will have filled up. In this case we’ll save your spot for the NEXT round of personal commissions.