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Sexy Pirate Wench aka Booty Hunter

Here’s a sneak preview of the Sexy Pirate Girl I’ve been working on for Axebone’s Sexy Pirate Wenches Trading Cards. She’s not far from completion, just a few more finishing touches to go. A big thank you goes out to …

Drop Dead Sexy Reborn

Drop Dead Sexy Reborn

At long last the NEW and improved Drop Dead Sexy website! I am still working to fix a few links and fine tune a few things, so thank you for your understanding and patience. This version of the website (lets …

Devil Girl Pinup Inspiration

Devil Girl Mannequins

You never know when inspiration will strike… like in a Macy’s! I know…WTF… but yes, it happened! While shopping with my wife and kids the other day (yawn) I came across something I found to be “Drop Dead Sexy” and …